5-10 year waiting list for table at restaurant

That’s Damon Baehrel



“Since April 1, 2014, we have taken an extended break from accepting NEW reservation requests in order to process/organize the influx that came in by that date. Continuing National/International media coverage combined with an existing multi-year backlog resulted in us being completely inundated and overwhelmed with requests from around the world.”

Call it grandmother of  deprival-uber-super-reaction.


This is a classic example of Great but not Big (https://lifeandequities.wordpress.com/2017/08/08/great-not-big-2/). Damon has a 20 seater restaurant in the basement of his home. Earns ~10,000 USD per day. Great at his craft, has work life balance and demand for his product/service that he can never expect to meet with his 20 seater.

“I’m not new. I’ve had this restaurant 25 years this year. I opened in 1989 and I’ve never sought out any kind of publicity. I’ve always liked to stay below the radar a little bit because I really enjoy living my life this way. Everything comes from the 12-acre property. In other words, I have no suppliers of any kind.”, says Damon.

Should he instead be planning a franchise option and run on the treadmill because he has less money than the owners of Subway?