Register for “Peaceful Investing Workshop”, Hyderabad, December 10, 2017

One of the key methods to generate significant wealth from stock markets is to buy & hold fundamentally sound stocks over long periods of times extending to years and many a times to decades. However, such long investing duration invariably contain periods of exuberance & distress where the market price rises & falls significantly. It leads to strong emotional reactions from investors that make holding stocks for long term a difficult proposition.

Therefore, the patience to hold stocks in fluctuating markets requires very high level of conviction from the investor in her investing decisions.

“Peaceful Investing” workshop aims to focus on stock selection and analysis skills, which would make us much more confident about our stock decisions. It would ensure that our faith would not shake with day to day market price fluctuations and we would be able to reap true benefits of stock markets to fulfill our dream of financial independence.

Full day fundamental stock investing workshop focusing on value investing by Dr Vijay Malik, at Hyderabad, on December 10, 2017, Hotel Aditya Park

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