Comment on SESA INDUSTRIES….Unlisted but worth Rs 1600+…..much more than Rs 675 being offered by Urjit Jhaveri

Hi Gaurav,

Firstly, let me thank and congratulate you on the extensive information you’ve made available here. This is probably the only proper information link on Sesa Industries available online when one Googles it.

I recently wrote to the RTA of Sesa Goa / Vedanta for transfer of 100 Shares of Sesa Industries held since issue. While I have received a confirmation from them (after a lot of paper work back n forth), my query is – would the unclaimed dividend be calculated from 2005? If so, what would be the quantum of this dividend – do I calculate it based on 20 Sesa Goa shares of FV 10 from 2005 till the time of split and bonus and 400 there after?