Worst Prime Minister in the world

About 10 months back I wrote lavishing praise on the Best Prime minister in the world. The self made, trader, investor, multimillionaire John Key. https://lifeandequities.wordpress.com/2016/12/05/best-prime-minister/

As destiny would have it, NZ had a rag tag coalition and the leading party with maximum votes, National Party stood out. Labour and coalition have formed the Govt. and at the helm is an in experienced, 36 year old girl, who is going to give doles, handouts, make a socialist state out of New Zealand and a welfare state. This career politician is the worst breed and this girl has not been doing anything all her life since teenager, but Dharnas/Marches. Enter Jacinda Ardern, the greenest PM in the world. For those who want to go back to the stone age, ride horse carriages, live in the farms, welcome to New Zealand. And yes, if you missed Soviet Socialism, here is your chance to wear CCCP T shirts.