Experiencing life in the body is NOT just a chemical/physical, mental or spiritual phenomenon in isolation but all of them combined.

All the domains have to co-exist and nurtured or we risk a lopsided development. Too much focus on rationale and logic leaves a vacuum in the other two aspects. Too much focus on only spiritual aspects makes one unfit in practical aspects. Therefore the perfection we seek, many are not even aware of it, is best attempted by trying to balance the competing demands of our being.

All the three legs have to be functional. The extreme focus on either side not only destroys the individuals but also countries when such thinking seizes and sweeps the nation, which explains, partially, the rise and fall of civilizations. Most worldly people are better of not taking vows of celibacy and poverty like monks or having a singular focus of being billionaires. Nature is relentless in her plans and evolutionary order,  we need to cooperate or we simply risk breaking our spine if we do not heed to the needs of our being.

Most people are not even aware that they are lopsided in their development as we are unable to see the mental, emotional bodies through an instrument, and unaware of the need for holistic development. All the prayer in the world will not put food in your mouth magically or create a pill for the cure of tuberculosis, you have to research diligently with a scientific temperament, and that will never change.

Here is something I read that jibes with me on overcoming ‘victim mentality’ and moving to the other end of the spectrum:

When you are in a giving mode, you grow. But when you are focused on receiving egoically, with great concern over how people are treating you, you contract and suffer. Only after cultivating an expansive outlook can a person see himself accurately in his relation to others, and to the greater scheme of things.

Here’s a simple example: If at a party I see that there’s not enough cake for everybody, am I going to rush in there and get mine? Most people might think that way, and they may feel good in the short run. But there’s something inside that says, “It would have been nicer to share it, or to let somebody else have it.”

As we grow more sensitive, we reach the point where we find that happiness comes not from getting the cake for ourselves, but from seeing that somebody else got it. And as we grow spiritually, we want to include the happiness of other people in our own, even to the extent of not wanting the cake for ourselves, but wanting it for them. We discover that there’s real freedom in realizing that nothing outside ourselves makes us happy, but that our happiness is something that we can carry with us all the time.

The world is God’s dream. Our allotted task is to wake from our own dreams within the cosmic dream, and to live in obedience to the Dreamer’s plan for us. Wise are we when we are able to perceive God as the hidden Doer behind His multifarious roles in creation.

Wise are we also if we give God the credit for anything we do well, and attribute any trials or misfortunes to a deficiency in our attunement with Him, if not in this life then in the past. To blame our upbringing, or to hurl accusations at others, is futile and self-defeating.