How to start stocks investing, Should one wait for market correction, Equity vs debt, getting Credit rating reports, NSE vs BSE (Q&A) has a section dedicated to answering queries from readers: “Ask Your Queries”. Over time, many readers have asked their queries related to many aspects of stock analysis and sought clarifications about investing. I have responded to these queries as replies to their comments.

“Q&A” series is an attempt to share the queries & their responses, which have featured on “Ask Your Queries” section, with all the readers. The primary aim of this new feature is to share the knowledge with other readers of the website, who might have similar queries.

The current article in this series provides responses related to:

  • How to start the stocks investing journey?
  • Should one wait for markets to correct to invest?
  • How to make earnings projection and identify companies before others?
  • Equity or Debt: What is the right way to raise money for companies?
  • How to obtain Credit Rating Reports (latest and historical reports)?
  • When and from where to get the annual report of a company?
  • BSE or NSE, which exchange to prefer to buy shares?

How to become equity investor, Should one wait for market correction, Equity vs debt, How to get Credit rating reports, NSE vs BSE

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