How to Contact Companies for Clarifications, Why Promoters’ Hold Shares via Companies, Why Trade Payables are Interest Free Funds (Q&A) has a section dedicated to answering queries from readers: “Ask Your Queries”. Over time, many readers have asked their queries related to many aspects of stock analysis and sought clarifications about investing. I have responded to these queries as replies to their comments.

“Q&A” series is an attempt to share the queries & their responses, which have featured on “Ask Your Queries” section, with all the readers. The primary aim of this new feature is to share the knowledge with other readers of the website, who might have similar queries.

The current article in this series provides responses related to:

  • How to contact companies to get more information/clarification about their business?
  • Why do promoters hold shares in their companies through different companies and not in their individual names?
  • How are trade payables a source of interest-free funding for a company?
  • Why would a company with positive free cash flow have high debt?

How to contact companies to get more information/clarification, Why do promoters hold shares through different companies, trade payables interest-free funding, free cash flow with high debt?

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