Going to Zero


In a long enough time span every stock goes close to Zero but the fun for short sellers (which I have not done, except that I want to short Crypto) is in spotting it happen in months or few years.

This little idiotic company, has nothing going for it expect the scam from its management. It takes two picture of your body, front and side ways and creates a 3D avatar for you. Then you can go crazy with this 3D and do whatever you want.

Stock is up 30 times this year and at 110 Million AUD. Feel sorry for newbies who will lose their savings eventually. BTW the company has said its active on social media and has the business of selling an app on Apple store. Neither could I see the app on the Apple store, or nor see more then 64 followers on twitter.



Some things scream at you that can go to ZERO.