Buy after 20x in a year

No that’s not what I made but that is one such stock that I invested in.

Its generally hard to invest in a stock that has gone up more than you sold it for.

Say, you bought something at 100 and sold at 150, and if its trading at 300 a year later that bias would be to look for something else, which is irrational, illogical and counter intuitive. What matters is the price today in relation to the growth / discounted cash flows / dividend yield etc tomorrow, not that it went up 10 times or dropped 10 times.

We choose to buy the stocks we own daily, as if we bought them every morning.

The two qualities required in a good investor is lots of arrogance/chutzpah, coz you are saying to the world that I alone know more than you put together, hence I will do well, and humility to admit mistake and learn quickly when proven wrong, quit quickly with minor losses.

In 2009 it so happened that I was a newbie in stocks and was happy to buy Symphony at 20 INR after it had gone up 10X in the previous 12 months, whereas I read another investor on the equity desk forum write that he saw Symphony 10X cheaper in 2007, hence he is unable to buy today. I repeated this with Relaxo Footwear again in 2010 after it was 10X up.

I think last week I broke my previous record and bought for the first time a stock that has gone up 20X in the previous year, after it went up 22 fold I entered at  approximately 42 EURO. The confidence came from the fact that content producing companies in the age of free Youtube access are making a killing. I learnt this recently while playing videos on Youtube for my 2 year old. You know I have abdicated my responsibility of teaching A-Z , 1-20 and colours to Youtube, bad parent.

Killer niche business models

I noted that a couple of broke, not-very-educated, certainly not close to Ivy (infact they would have to be non Ivy) lower income group people became multi millionaires by publishing 1 Youtube video of 10-20 minutes duration once a week. In fact, I explained this to my nephew who is thinking of writing cutting edge video games for Xbox or PS4 that here are the so to speak neanderthals compared to what you are planning, working on passe animation after 3 months online course on how to make a video / animation for children, earning 10s of millions of USD per annum which is at least 100s of times easier to make but it targets a niche need.

Eg 1: ChuchuTV 14 million subscribers

Eg 2: Blippi 1 Million subscribers

Eg 3: WoW English TV

You might think looking at those videos as boring, but not the toddlers or kids, make no mistake, they are hooked, and hence the Ad dollars.

The company that I invested in is called Xilam Animation France. The stock is up from 1.8 Euro to 46 Euro in a matter of 16 months. I think it serves a niche.

XIL Animation

Disclosure: Invested. Views are personal notions and do not represent any organisation or company. Investment in stock market can (and many a times do) result in loss of principal capital.