Comment on Market Timing – Possible? [Case Study] by Krish

Wonderful post Dev.

It is been 9 years, market knew only one direction i.e upside. Seen few corrections but not big Crash. Also previous ‘Crash’ period stayed only for one year max. One has to stay out of the market for decade or so, if one has to wait for big crash to invest. People have gone through many shocks (demo etc..) and upcoming crash if any shall pass too.

Now enough theories have come to protect from downside. One such example is SIP. A genuine investor is not afraid of big crash anymore. Infact he is looking forward to it.

But then many are in the market without understanding just like irresponsible drivers on the road. A crash would make lot of these novice guys ‘experts’ in future and more experts are good for the markets. Still people are finding it thrill in IPO boom, PE 150 level stocks, trading in F&O and hot themes (smart towns, electric vehicles and so on).

It is a wait and watch for U turn or Turnaround.