Analysis: Cupid Limited has a dedicated section for investment & stock specific queries of readers: “Ask Your Queries”. Over time, readers have asked queries about multiple stocks in this section. We have answered these queries after doing post preliminary analysis of the stocks under consideration. Readers have found such analysis helpful.

“Analysis” series is an attempt to summarize & share with all the readers, the key questions and their answers, which have featured on “Ask Your Queries” section. The primary aim of this new feature is to share the knowledge with all the readers of the website.

The current section of this series, “Analysis” covers Cupid Limited, a leading Indian manufacturer and exporter of male & female condoms and lubricant jelly.
Fundamental analysis of Cupid Limited Equity Research Report, Ratio analysis, Annual report analysis, Management Analysis, profitability analysis, FCF, SSGR, Multibagger

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